For example, in the era of players and coaches, they respectively followed the Chinese men's basketball team to visit the United States. For the first time, they just went on to play golf, averaging 20 or 30 points per game. The second time they went to learn from the famous handsome Bobby Knight and worked hard every day Notes, research skills and tactics. No one thought he would come to this continent on the other side of the ocean one day in a single day and start from scratch. He can behave so freely and comfortably in the United States Cam Talbot Jersey, how much he has had some relations with the United States twice before, and there is no longer a sense of mystery brought by the distance, so he can walk steadily and steadily. NBA league today finalized Las Vegas Summer League next year's time, next year's Las Vegas Summer League will start from the United States local time on July 6, lasted until 17 (Beijing time from July 7 to 18), the Las Vegas Summer League will be open to all 30 teams. After the Orlando Summer League is closed, more teams will join the Las Vegas Summer League next summer Mike Richter Jersey. Withers' ankle sprained for the first time in March of this year, but has not recovered since then Viktor Stalberg Jersey. "I have to be wounded and insist on playing Jaromir Jagr Jersey." Vitters said, "I can not find any excuse, I do not like to talk about such a thing, but we really can not do anything about it, can only take good care of it, That is to make my ankle stronger.