For example, in those turbulent years, other young people are either busy battling, in tandem, or doing nothing all day James Patrick Jersey. Instead, they follow the weight-lifting team to work hard and keep systematic basketball training. They devote their excess puberty to the training ground. At that time I did not think about what happened in the future, but simply found happiness from the training Adam Graves Jersey, never tired. After the chaos disorder, basketball talent depressed, long-term training he has been able to come to the fore Mika Zibanejad Jersey, as the reconstruction of the national team selected the first batch of players. Former Beijing Shougang men's basketball shooting guard, now Beijing basketball youth team assistant coach Libibin Zhang was the Olympic Games that year Zhang Zhang created the hope team players, he "really want to let Zhang guide once again my coach," a recalled, "At that time, we were young and the first feeling we had toward Zhang was to look up. Never mind that one of our predecessors who could have such a famous name came to take us with the admiration of worship. But Zhang's guidance gives us the feeling that Particularly kind, very easy to get close to us are always question and answer. Heat team against the Magic today, Witt second consecutive injury due to injury, ankle injury has let him last season, missed the last 13 games Marc Staal Jersey. Although Wittis himself does not expect his absence to be more than a month, he does not have a clear timeline for coming back.